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TAG It™ fair market value approach

Our team of certified tax professionals will provide a one-time only free analysis comparing the valuation outcome of your most recent property tax filings in Texas against what you would have paid using our TAG It™ methodology for valuing fixed assets and inventory at fair market value.

What’s included?

  • A comparison of the values rendered by your company’s most recent property tax filings and what would have been rendered filing at the tax code’s definition of fair market value
  • Detailed review with one of our Vice Presidents highlighting the savings you could have realized by using our TAG It™ fair market value approach
  • Confidential and secure process using non-disclosure and secure file transfer protocols

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    Our firm is known for our proprietary Tag It™ methodology and technology which focuses on valuing business inventory and fixed assets at fair market value.

    We commission independent third-party appraisal studies to value our clients’ assets and inventories according to the tax code’s definition of market value uniquely for assets and inventory, on a location by location basis.

    After 20 years perfecting our specialized approach, we offer contingent pricing knowing that our model provides each client maximum savings guaranteed.

    Client Testimonials

    “We have been extremely pleased with our decision to utilize TAG. The transition was seamless, the service has been outstanding, and TAG has been able to reduce our tax liability in the first year alone by approximately 45%.”

    – Community Coffee

    “It is wonderful to truly partner with a tax consulting company that can produce the excellent results you do. Your TAG It™ method certainly has its merits! This tax savings allows us to invest additional funds in other areas critical to our success.”

    – Honghua America, LLC

    “Not only were you able to uncover substantial recoveries for our company, but you were able to assist us in making changes to our systems going forward to eliminate future errors. The recovery specialists we had used previously did not reach the in-depth level of review like Tax Advisor Group.”

    – O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals