Commercial Real Estate

With property taxes representing such a large portion of an organization’s expenses, it is imperative to use an experienced property tax firm to rein them in. It is equally imperative to use a firm with extensive knowledge of the tax system, local government personnel, and the overall market.

TAG has represented property owners for more than two decades. Along the way, we’ve developed internal analysis tools combined with standard market resources to ensure clients are paying the least possible property tax, with a focus on retail, office and industrial properties.

Our experience has also shown the additional value that comes from working hand-in-hand with the business personal property team. Many clients enjoy utilizing TAG’s expertise in both areas to streamline processes and optimize knowledge sharing, as well as maximize opportunities for tax savings.

Our inclusive services to clients include:

  • Manage your property locations in our database.
  • Track the value of your properties on a year by year basis.
  • Analyze the value of your properties each year based on income, cost and market comparison.
  • Evaluate the Notice of Appraised Value to determine if the value of your property is appropriate for the market.
  • When necessary, file a protest of the Notice of Appraised Value.
  • Represent the property owner in informal settlement conferences with the Appraisal District.
  • Represent the property owner at formal Appraisal Review Board hearings.
  • If necessary, direct appeals through arbitration or lawsuit and mediation.
  • Receive and verify tax bills for accuracy before sending to the client for payment.
  • Unlimited access to tax consulting answers and strategy directly from our leadership team.