Commercial Real Estate

With property taxes representing such a large portion of an organization’s expenses, it is imperative to use an experienced property tax firm to rein them in. It is equally imperative to use a firm with extensive knowledge of the tax system, local government personnel, and the overall market.

TAG has represented property owners for more than two decades. Along the way, we’ve developed internal analysis tools combined with standard market resources to ensure clients are paying the least possible property tax.

Uniquely focused on retail, office, and industrial properties.

Equal and Uniform Assessment

In Texas, taxation must be equal and uniform. No single property or type of property should pay more than its fair share. Generally, all property must be taxed at its current market value.

At TAG, we not only look at fair market value, we also consider equal and uniform assessment (equity). Even if your property is assessed at 100% of market value, if comparable properties in the area are assessed below market value then yours should be also.

Commercial Real Estate Services
Database Management

Our certified tax professionals will manage your property locations in our secure database.

Annual Property Tracking

Our real estate consulting team will track the value of your properties on a year by year basis.

Annual Property Analysis

Analyze the value of your properties each year based on income, cost and market comparison.

Evaluate Value Notices

Evaluate the Notice of Appraised Value to determine if the value of your property is appropriate for the market.

File Protests

When necessary, our certified consultants will file a protest of the Notice of Appraised Value on behalf of the property owner.

Client Representation

Represent the property owner in informal settlement conferences with the Appraisal District or at formal Appraisal Review Board hearings.

Manage Appeals

If necessary, TAG will direct appeals through arbitration or lawsuit and mediation.

Verify Tax Bills

Receive and verify tax bills for accuracy before sending to the client for payment.

Unlimited Access

Real Estate clients have unlimited access to tax consulting answers and strategy directly from our leadership team.

Minimizing your property taxes
can improve the financial health of your business.

Maximize Your Savings

Many clients enjoy utilizing TAG’s expertise in business personal property and real estate to streamline processes, optimize knowledge sharing, as well as maximize opportunities for tax savings.

Our deep understanding of the Texas property tax system coupled with our 20 years’ of experience can help you turn the annual property tax function into a profit center for your business.

Download our free Commercial Real Estate resource document to learn more about the Texas property tax system and how to better position your organization to keep more of your hard-earned profits.

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