Business Personal Property

At TAG, we go far beyond compliance to achieve material savings for our clients including some of the world’s industry leading brands.

Our firm is known for our proprietary Tag It™ methodology and technology which focuses on valuing business inventory and fixed assets at fair market value.


TAG handles property tax in every state that taxes business personal property with a specialized focused on minimizing Texas business personal property taxes

Texas has the Most Aggressive Property Tax System in The Nation

In Texas, business personal property is consistently over assessed, overvalued – and is generally left unchallenged due to the complexities of valuation and assessment appeals.

At TAG, we take the Texas Property Tax Code at its word and harness it for our clients to realize material savings – with an average reduction of 30% in assessed value. Instead of depending on filing cost depreciation renditions and relying on the tax assessors’ tables, we have a better way.

Hiring TAG means everything will be done to truly minimize your property taxes. And we are so confident that we offer tax-savings contingent fee pricing!

How do we do it?

We commission independent third-party appraisal studies and purchase appraisal data on same or similar assets by asset categories and same or similar inventories by inventory types.

This enables us to value our clients’ assets and inventories according to the tax code’s definition of market value uniquely for assets and inventory, on a location by location basis.

This is the solid, verifiable fact-based foundation of our market value renditions.

Using our proprietary approach generates substantial tax savings which is why TAG has a 95 percent client retention rate. That, and clients love our tax-savings contingent fee pricing.

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