With more than two decades of experience, TAG proudly represents more than 600 of the world’s industry leading brands with a 95% client retention rate.

“Our first-year savings using Tax Advisors Group’s TAG It system of filing on a market value basis were 39%, and our second year our savings rose to 48%! Obviously, our tax burden has been greatly reduced, and I am very pleased.”

– Ford Restaurant Group, Inc.

“Altium Packaging has had a long-standing relationship with Tax Advisors Group (TAG) for many years. In that time, TAG has successfully generated substantial tax savings for our Company. As our manufacturing footprint expanded in the state of Texas, we quickly learned that TAG wasn’t just a service provider, they were our strategic partner.”

– Altium Packaging

“Annual reductions in our property tax liability of greater than 40% in Texas is a direct benefit to our enterprise and our bottom line.”

– FlightSafety International

“We are pleased with the property tax reductions you and your team have achieved for us, in addition to skillfully navigating the complex issues facing interstate fleet assets in Texas.”

– Swift

“Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars America Inc. (“MITI”) has utilized TAG for property tax consulting and compliance/filing services for several years. TAG has helped MITI realize tax savings each year. The TAG team has been very east to work with, displaying both professionalism and efficiency in carrying out their services. In addition to the standard savings realized, TAG has represented MITI in a number of arbitrations and hearings which have been resolved with favorable results.”

– Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars America Inc.

“It is wonderful to truly partner with a tax consulting company that can produce the excellent results you do. Your TAG It method certainly has its merits! This tax savings allows us to invest additional funds in other areas critical to our success.”

– Honghua America, LLC

“There are many “tax savings” firms out there, but TAG has proven themselves with real results and just makes my work that much easier.”

– Land O’Lakes

“The value you add to our enterprise on an annual basis is without question. TAG adapts to our systems … and you manage to come through with great results every year! After five years averaging greater than 40% reductions in our tax liability year after year, who would not be pleased?”

– Innospec Fuel Specialties LLC

“TAG obviously knows how to achieve outstanding results. Your team is both effective and efficient, and we are glad to have you on our side.”

– Dimensional Fund Advisors

“We have been extremely pleased with our decision to utilize TAG. The transition was seamless, the service has been outstanding, and TAG has been able to reduce our tax liability in the first year alone by approximately 45%.”

– Community Coffee

“Annual reductions in our tax liability of greater than 30% are a direct benefit to our enterprise.”

– Cooper Aerobics

“Not only were you able to uncover substantial recoveries for our company, but you were able to assist us in making changes to our systems going forward to eliminate future errors. The recovery specialists we had used previously did not reach the in-depth level of review like Tax Advisor Group.”

– O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals

“TAG’s team of qualified professionals were able to deliver excellent results in relation to sales and use of tax overpayments for TW Metals. They approached TW Metals’ operations from a unique perspective that enabled us to successfully argue for more beneficial tax treatment from a number of the states in which we were operating. These positions have stood up under state audit and review and resulted in TW Metals receiving a tangible amount of refunds and credits for taxes paid on prior purchases.”

– TW Metals

“Your professionalism and timeliness of your services are especially appreciated. I know that I can count on [TAG] to help me through the tax reporting jungle. The format for reporting that you supply is thorough and easy to follow. I have counted on you and have never been disappointed.”

– Swiss Chalet Fine Foods

“As a growing company, we had not been as compliant in this area as we would have liked to be, however, thanks to you and your team at TAG we were not only brought under compliance but were able to take advantage of your tax strategy expertise in taxing jurisdictions throughout the country that we would not have had the knowledge, expertise or experience to realize. You have spoiled us to your level of service and your high percentage of tax reductions!”

– Packers Plus

“The accurate and substantiated appraisals work in conjunction with [TAG’s] tax experience of over 20 years as the market value leader and innovator resulting in excellent tax saving results.”

– Wesco Distribution

“We are happy to consider Tax Advisors Group an important tool in our Texas property tax process.”

– J.R. Simplot Company