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How We Differ

More Than Compliance

The majority of Business Personal Property consulting firms file simple compliance forms, meaning they simply fill out the rendition forms per the standard depreciation schedules and categories listed on the form. They may also obtain some tax reductions by performing general housekeeping on asset classifications such as reclassifying assets in more suitable classifications or eliminating non-operating or idle assets. Merely filing compliance does not mean that you are saving everything you could or should.

Generally, even firms claiming they file market value renditions do not have the specialized and knowledgeable personnel or reliable 3rd party appraisal data to file effective market value returns that are updated annually.

Our big advantage is personalized service with a market value strategy – instead of simply filling out the paperwork, cleaning up some things here and there and sending in the return, we take the time to attach our opinion of market value based on our independent 3rd party appraiser’s information, foregoing the easier Texas Business Personal Property rendition or tax return form for our personalized and skill-based strategy.

Our big advantage is personalized service with Tag It™, our market value strategy.

We also continue to innovate and change with the marketplace, impacting your savings not just on a median, long-term scale, but on a year-to-year basis.

Senior Staff

Finally, we do not outsource our clients’ work to clerical staff – instead, all levels of our consulting service are performed by Certified Tax Consultants selected on the basis of integrity, expertise, initiative, experience, confidentiality, accountability and dedication to excellence and performance. And while most companies have sales departments that pass the clients along after the sale, only our leadership team manages and oversees every client, at all times.


To keep things simple, here are the five areas of expertise that set us apart:

  1. Tax Advisors Group’s custom in-depth analysis of your business practices and your assets and inventory.
  2. Our focus and experience on Business Personal Property.
  3. Our use of independent 3rd party appraisers who specialize exclusively in fixed asset and inventory valuation.
  4. Our proactive approach to solving property values before the value notice.
  5. The synergy of the above combined with our knowledge and experience utilizing innovative strategies for over a 20-year period.

3rd Party Appraiser

We back up all of our market value calculations by enlisting an independent 3rd party appraiser who updates our information annually. Most companies do not do this because the majority of tax consulting firms file compliance only – simple cost-based filings per the standard depreciation schedules and categories listed on the taxing entities rendition forms. This is a mass production method, usually billed as a flat fee per location or per rendition filing. Firms that periodically file market value renditions often do not have the experience to consider sudden shifting aspects when applying market value per the Texas Property Tax Code, nor do they have the time for in-depth analysis on the majority of their clients’ cases since they are focusing on their largest clients.

We back up all of our market value calculations by enlisting an independent 3rd party appraiser who updates our information annually.

Performance Based Billing

We are determined to prove our cost effectiveness to you. Tax Advisors Group works on a performance (or contingency) based billing system – meaning we only make money if you make money. The majority of the savings are passed on to you. The fee represents a portion of your realized tax savings plus a small administrative flat fee per property location.

By filing on a cost basis, you are allowing the government to control how your assets and inventory are valued and rendered. Our data shows that companies pay 25-35% more taxes than they have to.

Even though some competitors work off of a smaller contingency fee, our answer to this is simple – basic math. Companies filing on a cost basis pay 25-35% higher taxes. Our inclusive service costs us more to provide, but the net savings to our clients, including our contingency fee is still higher than our competition.

Innovative BPP Strategies

Tax Advisors Group is widely recognized as the developer of TAG It™, an innovative Business Personal Property tax consulting strategy.

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Commercial Real Estate Tax

For our clients who want to work with one provider for both their Commercial Real Estate and Business Personal Property tax, TAG has over 25 years experience to help minimize the cost of real estate taxes.

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Personalized Service

We Take Personalization Seriously. Personalization means one thing – you save more money. That’s because we do much more than just compliance.

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Leadership Team

Our leadership team is dedicated to personalized, effective, prompt and superior client service. That aspiration is carried throughout the company to each and every employee. We strive to be the most excellent tax consulting firm in the industry.

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